Lilly Sullivan

Radio Producer

I'm a public radio producer. Right now, I'm a fellow at This American Life

I've reported stories for shows like Radiolab, Studio 360, HowSound, and The Story. I once traveled around the country for a few years collecting oral histories with StoryCorps. I did my radio training at Transom.

I think I'm supposed to try to brag, which fools no one, and makes me lose the race toward righteous humility. But whatever. I've gotten some baby hat-tips for my work. Like "Staff Favorites" nods and a Zeitfunk Award from the Public Radio Exchange. That was nice of them. And I was an AIR New Voices Fellow. That was nice of them, too. 

Before radio, I worked with literature. Mostly with PEN American Center, where I was a web editor. I spent years building a huge digital collection of podcasts and videos. I still like talking about literature, though I now like talking about other things as well. 

If the books in this photo look like props, it's because I'm in a store.